the Tire Bale house project


Our building credentials, or lack thereof...

By way of background, we both have been living in Colorado for most of our lives. Steve's family moved here in 1960 from Texas and Kathy moved from Illinois to Colorado in 1970. We both were living and working in various places on the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains until 2003 when, after several layoffs, we decided that living in the high priced, fast pace of the urban world had totally lost it's luster. We then moved to the western slope where we had bought acreage several years prior.

Steve is a semi-retired HVAC, automation, and controls tech with not a lot of experience building houses. His hobbies are woodworking, computer programming, and electronics. He holds a degree in Electronic Communication Technology. He has also been a Firefighter with our local volunteer Fire Department since 2007 fighting structural and wildland fires. He also received the 2014 Chief's Award for his service.

Kathy is a semi-retired software engineer with a degree in Computer Information Technology. Her family's business (3 generations) was Excavation Contracting so she has seen a lot of basements dug, houses built, and knows somewhat how to read blueprints. Her hobbies are computers and nature.

We strongly felt that there had to be a better way to live than giving all our hard earned money away to pay utility bills, mortgage, high property taxes, etc. We began researching alternative building and off the grid living.

You see, neither of us came into this project with many construction skills so the learning curve has been rather steep. We learn by talking to contractors in the field, reading, and experimentation.