the Tire Bale house project


setting the bales


Kathy started setting the tire bales in place using the lines and squares Steve had drawn on the ground as a guide. She put the forks on the skid steer for this.





We noticed that there were gaps between the bales even though they were lined up right. When they are pushed together, they don't measure the 5 feet they need to according to the blueprints. We could stuff mud or cans in the void between the bales but we decided to add two additional tires, side by side, between the bales.




Kathy gave the tire bales a push with the forks to get them close together.




We hit a snag when we were placing the tire bales. Our land on the east side drops about 4 feet at the edge where the attached garage will be. The building department wants us to use an architectural fill to build it up and have an engineering firm verify, in writing, that it is compacted to at least 95% before we will be allowed to place the remaining tire bales. See the entry at the bottom of the page on Interior Walls for more on this.


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