the Tire Bale house project


July 2007 -

We've started on the bond beam form for the south windows. It's challenging to figure out ways to keep the concrete from falling all the way through the bales.

We began contacting concrete contractors to pour the bond beam. The first five were either too busy or not interested in learning anything new. The sixth contractor came out but had no idea how to begin. The seventh contractor came out and was really interested. He took a set of blueprints and talked with his crew. They were excited about the project but wouldn't be able to start until the end of November at the earliest. The snow started around Thanksgiving and came with a vengeance. By February there was still 2 feet on the ground.


snowstormThis picture was taken 2-5-2008 looking west across the south tire bales buried in the snow.

In March 2008 we contacted Al Juliano of Juliano Concrete L.L.C. in Ridgway, CO to see if he and his crew were still interested in the project. Yes they were and started work on April 2. Al said that actually this isn't that much different from a lot of the jobs they do, except the concrete would be poured up on top of the tire bales instead of on the ground. Four guys came up with Al and after a short brainstorming session, they dug right in.


Al and Badger

Al Juliano (Juliano Concrete L.L.C.) with Badger (half wolf, half malamute)

Juliano Concrete L.L.C. does driveways, patios, decorative flatwork, sidewalks, house foundations, and now tire bale house bond beams. These guys are great and we would highly recommend them if you are in the Ridgway or Montrose, Colorado area.



first pourThey will be able to use the forms we started on the south wall tire bales. We had cut the end boards to the shape the bond beam needs to be in. That seems to be helpful.

The first of the concrete is being poured. It's a low slump (very dry) concrete so the guys can form it into the proper shape. They also pick up the rebar and place it as they go.





You can see the shape in this picture: flat on top with the slope to the outside.




springtime snow


Ah, yes, springtime in the Rockies. The snow started to fly and that was about it for that day.



fabric form


For the form on the back and side wall tire bales, they used fabric held in place by 2x4s and stakes. They then formed the concrete by hand: flat on top and sloping toward the outside like they did on the south tire bales.









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