the Tire Bale house project


In preparation for the stucco, we needed to get the garage floor poured and the garage door framed.

garage floor1

April 2010-

We contacted Al Juliano of Juliano Concrete L.L.C. in Ridgway, CO to pour the concrete garage floor. (He and his crew poured the bond beam for us.) Steve hauled some rock to the garage in our skid steer loader and Al (the boss) and T.J. spread it around to get a slight angle outward so any water will drain out. Then, they laid down a layer of six mil plastic and the rebar.


spreading concrete


That's Al (the boss) Juliano spreading the concrete as T.J. moves the chute around.



screeding the concrete


Here's T.J. screeding the concrete after the pour is done and Steve in the background trying to use up what little concrete is left over by filling in some holes.



garage floor done


All done! Al will come back in a few hours and apply a sealer to the concrete.




ready for stucco

While we were framing the garage door, we called four stucco contractors in the area. The first one gave us an estimate of over $21,000. No way! The next one came out to look but never gave us an estimate (he said his computer broke). The third one never returned our call. The fourth one was referred to us by the building contractor working on the house next door. We called him, he came out and looked the house over and gave us an acceptable bid. He started work on June 14.



west stucco


The guys are working on the west side. They used a foam board cut to size and rounded on the top and front of the parapet walls to give it a more rounded look, then covered it with felt, stucco wire, and stucco. It worked well.



south stucco

We're not too pleased with the way the south side is turning out. The top of the bond beam has the required blue board on it and it makes a very smooth surface. The transition to the tires below in front is rather ugly. We are going to try and figure out some way to cover this.



stucco is done

July 2010 -

The stucco is finished. We're considering a couple of options concerning the rework in front of the tire bales but winter will soon be here and we have some other priorities to work on first.



garage decemberdecemberDecember 2010 -

The garage door is on and painted just in time for the cold and snow. We also managed to get the other two storm doors on and mount the exterior light fixtures. Now we have to wait out the winter.



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