the Tire Bale house project


We had the plumbing trenches for the under floor drainage pipes dug with the site excavation. There was some cleanup and adjustments to be done before we started bedding the pipes. We used 14 tons (1 truckload) of crusher fines to bed the pipes (4 inches below, on each side, and 6 inches above the pipes) and kept the slope of the pipe between 1/8 and 1/4 inch per foot for the 4 inch pipes. Crusher fines are coarser than sand but much cheaper and compact very well. We used a form in the trench to make the material go as far as possible.



We used the measurements from the blueprints and made a grid over the trench using string held up by stakes. Then we hung a plumb-bob from the string intersections to mark where the sink, tub, toilet will go. We re-measured to make sure everything was in the right place and started gluing pipes together.





This view shows part of the bathroom plumbing. The boards and stakes are to hold the pipes in place when we backfill.