the Tire Bale house project



We started excavating the home site during the summer of 2003 with a skid steer loader (Case 90XT) which we purchased used. It has a bucket with a tooth bar and front forks for lifting the tire bales. It is capable of lifting about 2,400 lbs. but sometimes we can tip a bit lifting the 2,000 lb. tire bales.




Spring 2004 finally arrived. We decided we should hire an excavator to finish the excavation of both the house and the yard and dig the trenches for the plumbing. The skid steer loader did a great job but is really slow and we wanted to get going on the actual building. They brought in a huge backhoe, a bulldozer, and a loader backhoe and completed the job in less than two days. It probably would have taken us two months and was not nearly as expensive as we thought.




After the excavation was complete, we staked out the house again and put up batter boards to get the tire bales lined up right. We wanted to make sure the house would be to the exact size as the plans specified, so Steve spray painted the ground where each tire bale would go. Now we can start putting the bales in place. We wanted to go deeper, but right about where Steve is standing is solid rock. We had to alter the bathroom layout because of it. Our soil here is clay, shale, and then solid rock. Not much fun to dig in by hand.


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